Monday, May 30, 2005

Road Trip in Souther Estonia

This past weekend me a two guys from work (Frank and Priidu) and Priidu's friend Jens decided to get out of town and go south. First night we drove to Viljandi, a city in the middle of Estonia. We pitched tents at a friends cottage and hung out the night. The next day we went to Viljandi to see the sights and eat a bit, then headed further south to visit another friend at his house. We decided we wanted to spend the second night on the sea so we drove to Parnu where we had dinner then headed close to the Latvian border where there's a great sandy beach that's in a national park. We camped there the last night before driving up along the coast on Sunday and coming back to Tallinn. It was nice to get out the city for a change and completely forget about work and the daily hustle here. Really make me miss the cottage life back home.


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