Sunday, May 08, 2005

Tourists, tourists everywhere...

Tourists season in Tallinn has arrived and it makes you long for the cold dark days of winter when only crazy people (or Finns) come to Tallinn. The city is crawling with tour groups, and it's not just on the weekends anymore, even on my way to work in the mornings the groups are out and about. The worst of them all are the British stag parties. I'm curious who ever thought that Brits were refined, upper class type society because these groups of guys are nothing but loud, drunk, obnoxious idiots. Thankfully a number of bars in Tallinn (Hell Hunt included) have started to post signs saying that stag parties or large groups are not welcome.

I can start to see why Estonians don't want to live in Vanalinn, all this makes you crave for a quieter, more relaxed place.


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