Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mom's Visit

So my mother came to visit for a bit. It wasn't as bad as it could have been. :-)
Aside from kicking me out of my bed we got along great. We spent a weekend in Hiiumaa where my grandmother was from and checked out some land we own there which is amazing and should not sit untouched much longer (sorry, no pics of it. I'll get some later this summer). We also spent a weekend at my grandfathers village as his first cousin Rein (my great-great uncle?) had his 90th birthday. Rein didn't get out of Estonia like the rest of his family as he had the bad luck of being in Tallinn when the Red Army came looking for "recruits" and was shipped off to the front. By the time he returned to Estonia his family had fled.

All in all my almost 5 weeks of constant house guests has come to an end. Now I might finally be able to get some peace and quiet. That is until the next vistors arrive.


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