Saturday, August 13, 2005

Comments on rainy Saturday

So first off, the weather in Estonia sucks. Summer lasted about 3 weeks and the past week has been cool and rainy. I know everyone in Toronto is complaining about the crippling heat but I could really go for a couple of days of 30C weather compared to the pouring rain and 20C we have here. Not being able to go outside and do things really reduces the number of activities around here.

Today I realized how spread out people are. I spent some time this morning talking to Arlen in Australia, Alexis in Toronto and then reading Dan's blog from Japan. Our group of friends has done a damn good job seeing the world. Combined our small group of friends has managed to see every continent (minus the cold one) and who knows how many countries.

Make sure you check out Arlen and Dan's blogs (thanks Lex for pointing that one out seeing as Dan didn't let anyone know about it.)

Dan's Blog
Arlen's Blog


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