Sunday, September 25, 2005

End of an Era?

For those of you how have travelled to Eesti often I'm sure you're all well aware of Club Avenüü, a popular 24hr joint that was often the last stop on what was a long night. Well, for the past 2-3 weeks Avenüü has been closed down. It appears that they are doing renovations but that usually means that it will reopen as something different. Now don't get me wrong, the place was a dump and I certainly won't be shedding tears over its closure or modification but it was nice to know that no matter how late/early it was you could always count on finding a cheap drink and bad food at Avenüü.

Also in the closing news, the charming Cafe Anglais will be shutting it's doors at the end of the month which is a real shame in my opinion, the food was good and the atmosphere was unbeatable. There are also rumours that the popular restaurant Elevant will be shutting down as well which would also be a real loss as they had some of the best and cheapest Indian food in town. Seeing places with character and good food close down and only places catering to tourists open up is making the Old Town even blander and less authentic that it already is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tere Andres! vaatasin just sinu blogis natuke ringi sest Liisa tahtis et muretseksin endale kaa ühe. jaja, vaatame kuidas sellega läheb... I stole some of your photos though muahahahaaa! igaljuhul on kahju küll et avenüüd pannakse kinni. kuhu minna? mida teha? kes teab?
näeme võibolla jõuludeks!

4:40 PM  

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