Sunday, September 04, 2005


So working at an internet company I've learnt a couple of things. One of those is RSS/Atom feeds. Now, if you spend anytime reading news or blogs online you should definetly start using RSS feeds. RSS feeds basically search your favorite news site or blogs for new stuff and post the headline. You can easily look at all the posts and decide which you want to read. It allows me to read 3-4 newspapers a day without having to search for stuff. So I add a feed to this blog. So instead of visiting the site to see if I've posted you simply let the feed come to you when I update. To use RSS feed simply download something like FeedReader the copy this link into it and you'll get an update everytime I post:

All major papers and news site have RSS feeds, just copy the link into the feedreader and boom. News at your fingertips.

Geek rant over.


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