Sunday, September 04, 2005


Last night I went to a world cup qualifying game between powerhouse teams Estonia vs. Latvia. I joke but Latvia is decent, making it to last years Euro cup where they scared some teams quite a bit. I had never been to the stadium here in Tallinn, it' name after one of the local beer companies A le Coq but ironically they can't sell beer there for these games. The game itself was quite good, the stadium is very inimate and seeing the action that close up gives the game a different feeling for sure. Estonia played well and managed a 2-1 win which marked the first time in 65 years that we had beaten our neighbors to the south. The win was doubly nice since it essentially eliminted them from the World Cup (Estonia is also statistically eliminated). The night ended up at Hell Hunt where the crowd was in an excellent mood, I ended up sitting at a birthday party for someone I didn't know but there was bottles of champagne and tequila so who's going to say no to that.


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