Thursday, February 15, 2007

Media storm

Pronkssõdur is a star. Somehow that little statue on Tonismagi has managed to capture the attention of the world media. Eesti passing the law to remove the statue managed to make the front page of the Globe & Mail (Canada's national paper) and even Google News. This crap makes Estonia look bad to a lot of people who know nothing about the country so hopefully this thing will go away soon.

Not being in Eesti anymore I'm not sure what the local sentiment is about the statue now but back in the summer when I was still there it was kind of a joke especially when they spent untold dollars and manpower protecting it with a police escort. It will be interesting to see what Toomas Ilves decides to do as there's been rumors that he may not ratify the law as it may be unconstitutional, it will also be interesting to see whether all this crap will somehow effect the upcoming elections.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ilves said yesterday that he will not ratify this law.It's weird to see cameras every time I go to the city. When I see it in the news it's a small problem. Seeing people there, trying to make a scandal is strange. I hope they remove the statue and this will prove that estonians are now afraid of every threat Russia makes.

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