Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Short Sopranos Thoughts

I haven't posted in awhile, little free time. I've been to the cottage a lot and in the evenings I'm either not interested in posting because of the heat or playing with my new laptop (BTW - Safari on Windows? I don't even use it on my Mac).

This past weekend was the Sopranos season finale. If you haven't seen it and want to then stop reading now. I thought the ending was great, most people seemed to disagree. I think people are used to have things wrapped up in nice boxes at the end and wanted Tony to either die, go to jail or flip to the feds. Personally I think leaving the ending open and showing that Tony is at heart just a family man is exactly the premise of the entire series. I did think my download cut out at the end but that just added to brilliance. There are a ton of little details that were never resolved in the show (was Paulie ratting to NY, what happened to the Russian, etc) but that is simply the way life is. The reaction to the ending was caused by the terrible series finales that have occurred (remember Seinfeld!) that try and wrap up the show and close all possibilities, most of the time that isn't possible.

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