Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Things I'll miss (and won't miss)...

I'm leaving Eesti on Sunday, here are some things I'll miss and some I won't:

Things I'll miss:
- Skype
- Estonian milk products (except cheese), ice cream is so good here.
- Gin Long
- Hell Hunt
- Long summer days
- Those crunchy peanut snacks
- Saaremaa and Hiiumaa
- Pronkssõdur guard, it's amusing to see 5 cops protect a statue 24/7.
- Quick trips to London, Stockholm, etc
- Kompressor pancakes
- WiFi everywhere
- A relaxed work atmosphere (compared to North America).
- Saun, everywhere, all the time.
- Dark, estonian bread.

Things I won't miss:
- British Stag parties
- Drunken people all over the place anytime of the day.
- Estonian Air (motto: We're never on time)
- Long winter nights
- Saaremaa Laevakompanii and their ferries
- Bank machines that don't give you your card back before giving you your money.
- Estonian driving habits
- Troll #3 (and to a lesser extent #1).
- No washing maching in my apartment.
- Lack of decent english language books.
- Estonian radio - who programs this stuff?
- Girls trying to sell me postcards everytime I step out of my apartment.
- Lack of proper recycling.
- Living next to a construction site for 2 years.


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