Saturday, February 18, 2006

Interesting Mail

I came home Friday evening and opened my mailbox where there were two interesting pieces of mail which made me chuckle a bit. The first one was from the Canadian Embassy (i'm registered as a Canadian living abroad), about Avian Flu, which has wormed it's way through a large part of Europe. The letter was warning me about the dangers, etc but also explaining that it was strictly informative and not to worry.

The second piece of mail was a warning about the dangers of all the factories in Tallinn and the potential blast radiuses and spread of chemicals if any of these factories were to have an accident. There's even a nice colour map with lots of circles showing who is in what danger zone, by the looks of it most of the city is in a danger zone of some sort. I'm not sure who this mail was from, it doesn't say on it anywhere, but I can only assume it is from the city itself.

Now the dilema, which one do I worry about more, bird flu or exploding factories? :-)


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