Thursday, April 20, 2006

Party time

A quick break from the Crimean posts, wanted to share this stuff I read about British stag parties that come to town. They are considering fines for stag parties in Britain because apparently these guys get into trouble often while abroad and often need help from the embassies.

Some stats:
According to an Egg online bank survey, Britons spent £430m, the equivalent of £551 each, last year on stag and hen parties abroad. During the celebrations 25% lose their passports, 20% lose valuables, 10% have items stolen, 17% need medical attention, and 4% are likely to be arrested. More often than not, revellers will travel without any insurance.

Brilliant! Flying back and forth from London a lot recently I'm more often than not stuck on a plane full of these guys getting plastered and ready for a weekend of fun. Thank god for the Estonian Air stewardesses who take no crap from them.


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