Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Monkey love

I've spent a fair bit of time in Sweden the last couple of years and living with Liisa I think I've started to understand both the people and the country a little bit so when I read this article I wasn't sure what to think. At first I wasn't sure if this was a legit article (I'm still not) and I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
Some highlights:

- Sweden is one of a number of counties in which bestiality is legal.
- "It is very difficult for the police and courts to decide whether or not an animal has suffered psychologically. A ban on sexual relations means that they will not have to make such distinctions,"
- "Because an animal cannot say yes or no to an invitation we feel that there need to be limits"

Reading this it would seem like if the animal could agree and wouldn't suffer any psychological effects from this sort of behavior then there would be no objections at all and the practice could continue.

I think of Sweden as a sophisticated, well-educated, liberal country that cares about it's people and it's welfare, but who knew they loved animals so much?

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Blogger Helen Varras said...

A Veterinarian in Sweden drives 70,000 km per year. I always thought this was due to the long distances between farms but maybe it is because he/she is also providing mentally help to
(ab)used animals...


5:09 PM  

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