Friday, February 02, 2007

Inconveniently True

Can anyone still argue that Climate Change (what was called Global Warming before the skeptics managed to change the name) is real? The IPCC released their findings today which basically says that we've broken the earth and that we're screwed. I first remember hearing really scary stuff about global warming in 1st year university when I took a seminar by a professor who's contributed to the IPCC reports, the information was frightening.

In recent times I've watched Gore's excellent Inconvenient Truth which I recommend to everyone, especially to those who still 'doubt' and tried to take some small steps to do my part. Aside from not owning a car, I've switched a lot of light bulbs to compact fluorescents, it's amazing what a small change like that could do if everyone followed. I've also started thinking about the environment a lot more in general, things like carrying re-usable bags to the grocery store or trying to buy local (think how much energy goes into flying lamb from New Zealand or fish from Chile to where you live). If mankind collectively made a number of small and medium sacrifices we could probably do a lot.



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