Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Arcade Fire - Toronto Concert Review

Last night I attended the Arcade Fire concert at Massey Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed the show even though a lot of critics seemed to feel it lacked something special. I stood less than a meter from the stage and didn't think it lacked anything but what do I know, I guess I just didn't have expectations and went to enjoy myself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too was there - unfortunately not as close to the stage but really, there are no bad seats in the venue. Over the past decade I must have been to thousands of concerts and the only ones that come close would be Broken Social Scene in Toronto, and possibly Coldplay in Sydney (only because it was a tiny venue). The atmosphere was great, stage decorations were pretty cool - especially the 50's style screens of the band members. I had goosebumps when they first came on stage and they never really went away. Toronto Sun gave the previous nights show a high review except for the sad songs or slow songs but I would have to disagree. Ocean of noise was performed perfectly and watching all 10 band members playing different instruments all at once just blew me away.


7:31 AM  
Blogger AndresS said...

Thanks for the comment Dave.

I've seen a ton of good shows as well: Radiohead in Bilbao, White Stripes in Tallinn, etc and this show was up near the top.

I think Arcade Fire just has a little too much hype that it makes it hard for them to live up to it all. Thankfully I usually ignore critics. :)

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