Monday, April 30, 2007

Toronto FC and missing seats.

This past weekend was the inaugural home game for Toronto FC, Toronto's new MLS football team. Even though MLS soccer is nowhere near the level of what you see in Europe and elsewhere there is a lot of enthusiasm to get some decent games locally. With David Beckham joining the league later this summer it also adds a little bit of fun.

My colleague Dean went to the game on Saturday, he'd purchased expensive season tickets right along centre field with some of his friends when he arrived at the game and made his way to his seat he realized that his seat didn't exist! Apparently they sold season tickets to seats that were never built in the new BMO Field and he was forced to watch the game from an alternative (ie. really bad) seat. All turned out well however, as he was notified today that he'd be given alternate season tickets that were just as, if not, better than what he purchased. I wonder how many other "phantom" seats were sold?

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