Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Time to get to work.

I spent Sunday afternoon watching the entire Estonian elections coverage online. First off, kudos to ETV. Broadcasting live, with a high quality stream was a good move, there were some minor sound and video issues once and awhile but all in all they did a great job. The commentary they provided was decent, maybe not as captivating as U.S. or Canadian election coverage but they had great access to the candidates and some decent analysis, in particular the prediction that any coalition will last 2.5 years at most.

As for the results, a lot of people were happy to see that KESK didn't win, myself included. Sotsdemokraadid and IRL did better than expected and somehow Rahvaliit still managed to get votes which boggles my mind.

Now that this circus is over it's time to move on and address the real issues. How will the next coalition come together and will they address some of the pressing needs in Eesti? Higher wages aren't the only issues, in fact I can't imagine any western politician promising higher wages in an election. Both the Wall Street Journal and the Economist had some critical words about the over heating economy and lack of additional reforms. It will be interesting to see what agenda the government pushes forward with.



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