Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This past weekend I purchased a new bike to get around with and I'm loving it. I hadn't biked a lot recently partly because of some health problems and partly out of shear laziness. Toronto is a pretty good city to bike around in, it's relatively flat although drivers can be pretty blind to cyclists it's nowhere near as bad as in Tallinn where I'm convinced drivers try and run down bikers on purpose. We could have better bike paths, I particularly like the way Stockholm has built bike lines separate from the road.

The biggest concern is theft. Last year there were an estimated 7000 bikes stolen in Toronto, real numbers aren't available because a lot of people don't report thefts. Unfortunately at home I don't really have a good place to keep the bike so I have to lock it up on the front porch, usually there is someone in the house so that should be a deterrent. At work I can park my bike in the parking garage where they have some bike racks next to the ticket booths so there is someone watching them 24/7. But all it takes is 5 minutes for someone to rip you off and no matter how good your lock is I don't think there's much you can do except not worry about it.

Can't wait for later this week to really enjoy the riding as weather is expected to hit the low 20's. :)

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Blogger B Harrison said...

get a unicycle. NO ONE steals a unicycle.

12:35 AM  

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