Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It's been 3 weeks since I returned to Toronto and 2.5 weeks since Liisa arrived and I know some of you are wondering what I've been up to in that time. Our first priority was to get an apartment, which has turned out to be a harder task that I originally thought it'd be. The Toronto rental market is very competitive especially at the beginning of September when 100,000 university students pour back into the city. Finding a clean, well priced apartment in a nice neighbourhood isn't easy. It also turn out that after 2 years of living abroad and having no income in Canada my credit rating isn't the best so I constantly have to explain how I have money that Revenue Canada and the credit agencies don't know about (but is all legal since I paid a lot of taxes in Estonia).

I've managed to see most of my old friends which has been great, most of them have transitioned from the university lifestyle to being more settle and looking at starting families, etc. I've also seen a lot of family and made it to my cottage where I hadn't been in over 2 years.

Liisa seems to be adjusting nicely and is enjoying her first couple of weeks of law school. She's slowly getting a feel for the city and will be left to her own devices this weekend as I go out of town with the boys.

I'm still doing work for Skype which is cool as well as looking for future opportunities here in T.O., the market seems decent at the moment so I need to carefully think about what my future holds in that respect.

Hopefully things will settle down in the next couple of weeks and we'll be able to really start enjoying life here.

Oh... because a lot of people have asked, yes, I do miss Estonia.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, wishing well to you and it's sort of nice to hear that you still miss Estonia.

Hopefully you'll be able to settle in Toronto soon :)

Wish me luck in getting a German work permit.

1:50 PM  

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