Wednesday, November 01, 2006

TV? No thanks.

Who needs a TV or radio anymore these days? When I moved to Eesti I discovered BitTorrent and how to download TV and movies from the internet quickly because everything on local TV was a season or two behind North America or in a language I didn't understand. I tried to cancel my TV subscription but they said I needed it to have cable internet, thankfully here I got "naked" DSL so I don't need a landline phone or cable to get internet. Nowadays you can have the latest TV shows downloaded and ready for viewing 1-1.5hrs after it airs on regular TV with a decent high-speed connection so I decided there isn't much point to in getting a TV, you can even get shows that are on "premium" channles like HBO and Showcase and then watch them on your own schedule as opposed to how the networks decide it should air. And to make things even better, downloaded TV doesn't have commercials which means you save 20 minutes out of every hour long show.

People say, what about news or sports! Well, news is way better on the net most of the time anyways and there is now a few services out of China mostly that do P2PTV (Niklas and co. apparently will launch one soon) where you can watch streaming sports live, I checked it out earlier this week and the Leafs game and it was about 3 seconds delayed from live TV.

Add to all this the fact that I haven't paid for music in years but my collection is bigger than ever and you really wonder what the hell media companies have been thinking when they decided to try and stop all this as opposed to embrace it and evolve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely, just upgraded my cable connection. Paying for bundled TV and Phone which will never use :S

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