Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm it!?

So I've been tagged. You're probably asking yourself "what the hell is he talking about?", which is a totally acceptable question to ask since few people know what blog-tag is. I'll steal a synopsis from Jaanus since he's the one who tagged me:

“blog tag” is a game where you get “tagged” by someone and have to share five things that others (at least on the internet) don’t know widely about you. And then you tag five more people and the game continues.

Now, I usually write in this space not even thinking that anyone actually ever reads it but I've hung out (and continue to hang out) with enough computer people that I eventually get suckered into things like this. But not wanting to be one of Jaanus' friends who doesn't join I will continue the game.

1. I once quit a job after working only one day.
2. I can touch my nose with my tongue (that's right ladies, you read that correctly). :p
3. I've driven without a valid driver's license for a number of hours. It was under extenuating circumstances which couldn't be avoided, I wasn't happy about it but I did it.
4. I got a massage from a man named Sergei, and enjoyed it.
5. I used to play the viola, I thought I was pretty good, at least my mom said so.

Unfortunately I don't think I have 5 friends who blog so in the spirit of the holiday I'll spare anyone else from being tagged.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muig, LOL :) Love the Sergei part :P

7:15 AM  

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