Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No water? No worries.

Saturday I had an eventful day. Woke up around 8:30am to use the toilet and after I flushed I notice that the tank wasn't refilling, so I turned on the tap and only got air. First thing I did was go back to bed and hope that whatever is wrong is fixed by the time I got up again.

Unfortunately, a couple of hours later when I got up there still wasn't any water running in my apartment. I went downstairs to knock on the neighbors door since they have access to all the pipes in the basement but no one was home. I called my landlord but I just got his answering machine. So my dilemma was that we had no water, had no idea why we had no water and Liisa's dad was scheduled to arrive from Eesti at 6pm.

Liisa and I tried to go about our daily business as best we could while calling our landlord every 30 minutes hoping he'd answer. We had a lot of cleaning to do in the apartment in anticipation of our guests but there was little we could do without water. Finally, around 2pm we were heading out the door when our neighbor came home and explained that at 6am a pipe burst in the basement (most likely caused by the sub-zero temperatures) and he had to shut off all the water to stop the leaking. He explained that he was in a rush in the morning but for whatever reason didn't bother leaving a note for me. :-(

We called a plumber, waited 4 hours for him to show up and about an hour before Liisa's dad arrived from the airport I had water again. This entire event made me think of the time I got locked into my apartment in Tallinn, although not as amusing.

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