Thursday, October 11, 2007

Estonian Corruption Alert

Looks like a member of parliament is in another apparent corruption scandal. This time it's Ester Tuiksoo, a member of the Rahvaliit party. The claim is that she's been driving around in Oliver "Kohuke" Kruuda's car for awhile without paying for it. She's also being looked into for some shady apartment deals that have gone down recently. I wonder what the blowback for this will be? Probably very little going on previous similar incidents, taking gifts or doing business with major contributors doesn't seem to bother anyone. I wonder what would happen in a country like Sweden where politicians resign for a lot less.

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Blogger Giustino said...

Rahvaliit has sort of blended into the Center Party, a sort of atrophied arm of Keskerakond. I expect Ester will stay on.

3:12 PM  

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