Friday, March 09, 2007

Skype 3.1 Beta

Skype launched their Beta 3.1 version recently and there are a couple of cool new features that have been in the works for awhile. First off is Skype Prime, which allows users to setup their own paid content service and charge customers to call them. This is a great way to monetize the user base and get some additional revenue. The one thing I did notice is that any pornographic type of calls aren't allowed. I understand the logic behind this (protecting kids, keeping the community "clean", etc) but wonder if there is a plan to open it up a bit more in the future to tap this potentially large market. Maybe something like "escort" services which are technically legal all over North America but everyone knows it's just prostitution will pop up?

For me the more interesting new feature is Skype Find which is a community built tool to help users find and contact all types of businesses and services. I love this feature, especially the part that shows me what my friends have added and rated recently to be very useful as I can figure out what friends would recommend in various places. Currently there are about 3900 reviews listed by 1500 users, once this version goes gold and more people start using it I can only imagine it being one of the best new features in awhile.

The new version also has the much requested "show when the other person is typing" feature but with a creative twist.

Good job guys.

(Note: For full disclosure I used to work for Skype but now have no affiliation, just great affection for the company and people)



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