Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Flying high

I'm in the process of looking for flights from Toronto to Tallinn later this year. I'm pretty flexible as to time lines but as early as possible in August is preferred in order to take advantage of the long days in Eesti, I'm also flexible as to where I fly since I'd be happy to stop over in Stockholm for 1-3 days and spend time with Liisa there before going on. There are unfortunately only so many options from North America when it comes to flying to Estonia. There are no direct flights to Tallinn, the closest you can get is Helsinki as Finnair runs direct flights in the summer. Pricing all seems to be the same, from $1100 to $1500 for the cheapest flights unless you grab a really cheap charter to London and then get an Estonian Air/Easyjet flight to Tallinn. Will there ever be direct flights from Tallinn (or the Baltics in general) to North America? Will the new "open sky" rules help?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you might also consider Prague as a stopover, as many people seem to with their vacation trips from Tallinn these days. CZA price/service level is very good and they have a number of NA destinations AFAIK.

and then the good ol´ Lufthansa-through-Frankfurt way is worth comparing.

good to hear that you´re coming back soon!

11:20 AM  

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