Thursday, March 22, 2007

Breaking up is easy to do.

Well, it looks like the proposed government that was about to take shape in Eesti is on the verge of falling apart. Reform is saying that IRL wants to much (he claims they want Speaker of the House and first choice of minister) while IRL is saying all they wanted was Foreign Minister (for Laar) and then would negotiate on the other 4 minister positions. There is some speculation that all this may have been planned for awhile and that now Reform and KESK will get back in bed together and form a coalition.

Whether this is all just posturing on both sides and they will make up and work together or whether this is the end of the "right wing" alliance is yet to be seen. I wonder how all those who voted Reform will feel if Ansip decides to cosy up to Savisaar again?

UPDATE: Reform has sent a new offer to IRL that Laar says is better than the first so there is still hope for this coalition.

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